Website design for the George Kouri Institute. Includes photo illustration done in Adobe Photoshop and logo designed in Adobe Illustrator

Website design to promote the book, Elyria. Includes photo illustration done in Adobe Photoshop and title logo designed in Adobe Illustrator

Website design for the Apostles Theological Seminary. Includes logo designed in Adobe Illustrator

Website design for the Communion of Apostolic Churches. Includes logo designed in Adobe Illustrator

Jaxweld Brochure and Website

These pieces from a branding package for a Jacksonville metalworks fabricator include a website and a tri-fold brochure. Business cards and vehicle signage are not show. I designed the logo and graphic elements in Adobe Illustrator and used Adobe Photoshop for photo editing and compositing the final brochure website elements. I also wrote the ad copy.

Doctor's Center Website

This was my concept for a website redesign for the Doctors Center in Jacksonville. The custom headers featuring healthy people doing healthy activities was my favorite feature of the site.

Playa Vista Real Estate Campaign

This brochure is part a branding and marketing campaign that helped sell $30million in vacation properties in one year. It is a simple, but effective marketing piece that shows many capabilities. I designed the logo, custom headers and floor plan in Illustrator. I did the concept rendering in Photoshop. I also wrote the ad copy. This piece is one a series that I produced to help sell resort properties off plan in the UK.

Book Cover, La Señal del Reino

This book cover includes an illustration of Herod's Temple in Jerusalem circa 70AD. I designed the illustration and the title graphic using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. In addition, I also did the typesetting and layout of the interior of the book.

Hyundai Spanish Print Ad

I did this Spanish language adaptation of an English language national ad for an Oklahoma City Hyundai car dealership.

Mary Kay Video Packaging

While still a production art student, I won my first of two consecutive design contests and first paid freelance design work. The package features foil and embossing in Mary Kay colors.

Assassin's List Dust Jacket

This is a photo-illustration that I created in Photoshop for a self-published book title. I like for my book covers to compete visual with other books on the shelf.

Coupon sales event

This is part of a 4/4 offset web job for a sweepstakes-driven, coupon sales promotion. This piece includes die-cut coupons and a scratch-off sweepstakes game piece. I art directed the piece and personally handled the press check, since there are genuine security concerns when printing sweepstakes game pieces. The number of winning pieces is tightly controlled and winning plates and extra printed pieces must be destroyed to prevent more winners than what is allowed and budgeted.

RV Logic Online Newsletter

This is one of a series of online newsletters designed for Fusion, a Jacksonville-based web services company.

Fusion Print Ad

I designed this print ad to promote website design services. It features one of my website designs and the Umoja logo, which I designed in Illustrator.

Lifeboat Webpage Squeeze

This is a mini webpage designed as a billboard or informational graphic.


This ePostcard is one a series of email blasts that includes newsletters and ads delivered via email.

Trade Show Graphics

This is one piece of a set of trade show graphics that includes a animated video and printed brochures. I did this piece mostly in Illustrator. I produced the animated piece that accompanies this in After Effects.

My NewsOK Billboard

This is one piece of a branding campaign that I managed for KWTV, a CBS-TV affiliate in Oklahoma City and its partner, The Oklahoman, a statewide newspaper. I did the photo editing and compositing in Photoshop.

Movie Poster

I designed this poster to help sell the concept of a biographical film about the life of heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman.

Movie Poster

Like my other movie posters, I did this photo-illustration poster mostly in Photoshop, with some Illustrator for designing the logo. It is fun to note that the hand and the pistol are my own.

Movie Poster

I designed this movie poster as part of a successful campaign to raise the budget and get distribution agreements for a Brooksfilm movie.

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Website design for the Communion of Apostolic Churches. Includes logo designed in Adobe Illustrator