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Your Logo Is an Investment

original logo

after re-design

I’ve worked as Art Director for a leading national advertising agency and Design Director for a major television network. I know from experience how much savvy business will pay for a professionally designed logo. A true logo is a unique icon that is instantly recognized and evokes emotion about a company, its products, its quality and its culture. A great logo is an investment toward the future success of an organization. Successful companies understand that too. The new Pepsi logo design by Arnell Group in 2008 reportedly cost $1,000,000 to develop and BP is said to have spent $211,000,000 to redesign their logo in 2008.

A great logo will not determine whether your company fails or succeeds but it can inspire success. Great logos are the embodiment of a company and speak of its quality, character, strength and its industry. A great logo is simple, functional, memorable, and versatile. It becomes an instantly recognizable icon that transcends language, culture and generational divides. A toddler can easily “read” McDonald’s before she has learned her ABC’s, and Pepsi, Nike and Mercedes Benz icons are instantly recognized around the world by Arabic, Chinese and English speakers alike. A great logo is also scalable, balanced and effective in any color and maintains its integrity even on a black and white fax or photocopy.

The two logos on this page are the before and after examples of a logo redesign project. The original on the left is a hodge-podge of clipart and trendy type effects designed by the client’s hobbyist son-in-law, while my redesigned logo on the right is follows the rules I’ve learned through years of experience as a professional designer. I stand by my remake, but I have to admit, the client stands by his old logo. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all.

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